Up and Running.

It’s taken some time to get here but our new website is up and running. We certainly would have liked to have more content on for you but we decided it was better to have a little content on and ACCURATE rather than have tons of stuff and have tons of mistakes to go along with it.
Please just keep in mind that there could still be some inaccurate prices and descriptions and we do reserve the right to make corrections, also, some pieces that you see on the website MAY NOT be available in our stores as our inventory changes daily. You can call us to check on availability and finishes. You can also special order anything you see – furniture pieces can take 8+ weeks to come in.
We welcome any comments and suggestions so send us an email or call when you have something to say.
You can contact us by the form on this page.
Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter (to the right) to get an occasional email about special events, sales, coupons or when there is something exciting to tell you.
That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the new website!
The Webmaster

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