ACB Customer Rewards Program

A lot of you may already know of, and are part of The Barn’s customer rewards program. But, for those of you who don’t, this is a new program that we started a little while ago.
It’s real simple. Next time you shop at one of our stores, just ask to be in the rewards program. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free! We promise that we will not use any of the information you give us, other than to keep track of your rewards, and maybe send a birthday card.
So what does this rewards program thingy do? We will be changing the promotion every once in a while, but the current promotion is, a $10 gift card for every $250 you spend. Those of you that are furnishing your homes are finding that the rewards program is making it a lot cheaper to decorate your home also by using the your rewards $Bucks!!

On another note… Our first newsletter will be coming out soon! Those of you who are ACB fans, but have not signed up for the newsletter and would like to receive it, should just put your email in the box in the upper right corner of the page.

As you may have noticed, we have been very busy adding content to the website and you can now find the Amish hardwood furniture collections here. You can choose from a wide selection of dining furniture including tables, chairs, hutches, cupboards and bedroom furniture including bed frames and headboards, night stands, dressers, and other bedroom furniture. Next up is living room furniture and children’s furniture including cribs and changing tables.

We are still working on making the site shop-able, but figuring out shipping details is proving to be a challenge.

Website Metamorphosis

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have written a new post. That’s because we have been very busy getting the website ready to go shopable. We have added lots of new items, descriptions, color chips and photos. We have checked pricing, furniture dimensions and are working on shipping costs now. The website itself has changed a bit and will continue to grow and evolve as time goes on. Our main concern is making sure that you have a a pleasant and problem free transaction when you purchase from the website. Your satisfaction is, of course, very important to us so where it may appear that we are taking a while to get things done, just know that we are “taking our time”!
Best wishes from the crew at The Amish Country Barn

Check out the new category: Outdoor Furniture, more on this subject soon!

Northeast Lantern and The Copper House

For those of you that watch New Hampshire Chronicle, you may have seen the piece that aired on February 16 about Northeast Lantern.
(If you didn’t see it, you can watch it HERE.)
Northeast Lantern has been in business since 1987 making the finest brass and copper lighting. Each light is handcrafted in their Exeter facility here in NH with such care and attention to detail that they carry a lifetime guarantee.
We bring this company up to showcase a great product made here in NH by NH craftsmen and craftswomen by an environmentally friendly company. In short, we love Northeast Lantern and we love their lighting.
We do carry a few of their lights but for a very good selection, please visit our friends at The Copper House on Dover Road in Epsom NH or see their website at

Learn more about Northeast Lantern in the short video below

50% OFF? Seriously?

Sure, why not. Every once in a while we have an item that has been around for a while and needs a good home.
These poor mirrors have been sitting on that cold floor long enough! It’s time for them to be hung lovingly on your wall as was intended.
The original price on these was $52 but you can adopt one today for $26! They are framed in solid wood and held together very solidly with pocket screws. A few of them have some minor blemishes, but, hey… they’re 1/2 off!
There are a limited number of these available at this price so claim yours now.
You’ll find them HERE There is a picture of each color available.


Something new

I like unique things. I really like unique things that are beautiful… now add enviromentally friendly, repurposed, hierloom quality and VERY reasonably priced and I’m super interested!!
Well, here it is. These are made in NH by a NH husband and wife team. (Extra bonus points!)
These Barnscapes are made from recycled old barn boards and given a new life. (Old Barns… more brownie points!!!)
Check them out, but remember that these are one-off’s. They are one of a kind pieces, so if you like one, come and get it.
Click on SHOP above and DECOR.


Progression on the new Amish Country Barn website.

We have been working to get more detailed descriptions and item ordering options onto the website. It is tedious and time consuming but will bring us another step closer to online shopping.
Guys, don’t forget that valentine’s day is just around the corner! How about flowers with an ACB gift card… just an idea.

3 random items from The Amish Country Barn.
Hit refresh to see 3 new ones. Maybe you’ll see something you like.

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Up and Running.

It’s taken some time to get here but our new website is up and running. We certainly would have liked to have more content on for you but we decided it was better to have a little content on and ACCURATE rather than have tons of stuff and have tons of mistakes to go along with it.
Please just keep in mind that there could still be some inaccurate prices and descriptions and we do reserve the right to make corrections, also, some pieces that you see on the website MAY NOT be available in our stores as our inventory changes daily. You can call us to check on availability and finishes. You can also special order anything you see – furniture pieces can take 8+ weeks to come in.
We welcome any comments and suggestions so send us an email or call when you have something to say.
You can contact us by the form on this page.
Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter (to the right) to get an occasional email about special events, sales, coupons or when there is something exciting to tell you.
That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the new website!
The Webmaster

The Newsletter

We need some help naming the barn’s newsletter! The blog is called the Barn Blog and I think that works but I an at a loss for the newsletter. Please send in your ideas via the little ‘Leave a comment’ link under this post. Maybe we will do something for the person that sends us the winning name… maybe not, you will at the very least get some recognition and props from me :)
If you would like to sign up for the yet un-named newsletter, look to the column on the right where it says ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ and just put your email in there. I promise I will not flood your mailbox with a whole bunch of dumb emails… but every once in a while we may send you a coupon, a notice for an event like a sale, or to say Merry Christmas.
I look forward to seeing how creative, fun, and G RATED you can be.

There goes the neighborhood

We are on our way to Lancaster county to get some new inventory and take a bunch of pictures for the NEW website. Tim’s eye was bothering him on the way down so we decided to stop and spend the night in Hartford. The nice thing is, we get to spend some time together, get a good nights sleep, and start fresh tomorrow. This will be my first visit to Amish country and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m sure there will be great photo ops around every corner. I’m also very interested to learn about the Amish people and their traditions.